what we do

we effectively combine the focus of a boutique public relations agency, that is working creatively smarter, faster and more efficiently - with the senior-level experience of a large agency

event planning

christian alexander has gained a reputation for excellence in Event Planning & Management by designing and organising events which… Impres, Make a statement, Support the client’s corporate image, Enhance the product image, Communicate clear messages, Fulfill a goal, Are cost-effective and... Generate publicity.

We work closely with each client to plan, organise and carefully choreograph every aspect of an event, flawlessly orchestrating all the details to ensure its success. Every event is organised with expert attention and individual care. Our timelines are precise, ensuring that you are kept up-to-date throughout the entire planning process.

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exclusive events

Bringing together a wealth of experience, imagination, ability and flair, we transform every occasion into an unforgettable event, a celebration that everyone will be talking about long after it’s over…

corporate events

We create special events that promote the image and character of your organisation and generate invaluable goodwill. Whether it's an important business meeting or presentation, a company cocktail or an Anniversary Gala, we can help you make your business event a pleasure both for your guests and for you, the hosts.

  • Conferences
  • Awards Ceremonies
  • Grand Openings
  • Gala Dinners
  • Corporate Exhibitions
  • Product launches
  • Press events
  • Themed parties and promotions

special happenings

We create distinctive social gatherings designed to convey your individual sense of style and good taste. Whatever the size of your event, we can bring it alive! Even a casual event can sparkle with life and become uniquely yours!

  • Fashion Shows
  • Art/Cultural Exhibitions
  • Afternoon Tea Happenings
  • Small Gatherings
  • Private Dinners
  • Children's events
  • Charity Events

the way we organize events

Concept Development We can help you develop a fresh, imaginative theme that will entertain and delight, making your event stand out from the rest.

Site Selection Service Choose the perfect setting from among the country’s most sought-after venues or organise the event at your own venue, in your office or home.

Programme Creation Create an interesting programme for the event, combining audiovisual features, addresses and creative entertainment.

Invitation Design Send out the most appropriate invitation and use our Calligraphy Service to make it both personal and formal. Mail or hand-deliver it to your guests.

Guest List Service Create the right guest list for your event. We provide an RSVP service and a Seating Arrangement service.

Attendee Registration We will manage all of your registration needs, whether you require a simple RSVP service, personal registration, or a complete electronic conference registration system.

Venue Set-up, Decoration & Styling Services Create the right atmosphere through creative arrangements, stage sets, special lighting, floral decorations, unique prop designs, banners, marquees, tenting and many other distinctive touches.

Exclusive Catering Services Working closely with you, we choose the ideal balance of setting, cuisine and service style to create an event that is uniquely yours. From a corporate event to a house party - or something in between - what we bring is:

  • Unrivalled creativity throughout, from imaginative themes and signature dishes to distinctive finishing touches.
  • The latest cuisine styles and intricate flavours drawn from an eclectic mix of international and Greek fare to inspire menus that perfectly complement the theme of your event.
  • A friendly, responsive service provided by professionally-trained waiter staff who will attend to the needs of your guests in true white-glove style.

Equipment Rental Marquees, carpets, podium, tables and chairs, china, glassware, silverware and a full array of linen (tablecloths, chair-covers, etc).

Entertainment Services The right entertainment can make your event even more special. We can arrange for special shows, a celebrity service, a classical quartet, live music, DJ music, dancing, children’s shows and much more...

Gift Selection and special packaging services

Event Coverage Professional photography and audiovisual services

Event Publicity We plan your event, organise it and ensure that it gains maximum press and media coverage.

media relations

As a specialized area of Public Relations, we handle Media Relations with great attention, always aiming to achieve maximum media coverage for our clients and create top-of-mind awareness.

We focus on all aspects of how a company communicates with the outside world through the media, therefore placing extreme emphasis on building strong and effective relationships with the media.

Our Media Relations Service includes:

  • maintaining strong press contacts
  • building targeted media lists
  • organising press conferences
  • organising and facilitating interviews
  • writing and distribution of press releases
  • creating press kits
  • organizing event coverage by the media
  • publicity monitoring
  • media coverage reporting

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online reputation management

At christian alexander we protect and manage your online reputation and increase your overall worldwide web profile and presence. We often suggest that our clients search for their company or individual name on their favorite search engine and see the results. Hopefully their search result is at the top of the list. What about the other results in the top 10? What do they say about the company?

Our online public relations services include:

  • Monitoring and tracking what is being said about you or your brand online.
  • Influencing results by developing your online assets through website content and digital text, video or image communications.
  • Managing organic and paid search engine campaigns.

internal pr and team building events

Connect with the people inside your organization

Consider the benefits of every employee being an ambassador for your company. A good internal PR program is vital to all organizations, and we at christian alexander can help you place great emphasis on the "inside". We strongly believe that It is only when all of the internal players are singing off the same song, that any external PR effort is going to be successful.

A regular flow of information to employees, board members or association members is required for a successful public relations effort.

Our Internal PR Services include:

  • Internal Newsletters
  • Employee events
  • Team Building Events

social responsibility

We strongly believe that embracing a cause can positively differentiate your company from your competitors and provide an edge that delivers many tangible benefits. Nothing builds brand loyalty among today's increasingly hard-to-please consumers like a company's proven commitment to a worthy cause. Other things being equal, many consumers would rather do business with a company that stands for something beyond profits.

Through cause-related marketing, we help our clients to establish partnerships with charities and non-profit organizations choosing a cause they can relate to, helping them to further build a reputation that mirrors their corporate values & beliefs. Our aim is to select a worthy cause that is important to the clients' target market, and make sure the target market sees that connection.


We offer a full range of creative design to cover and compliment all of your pr actions. Conveying the right corporate image through all design material is vital to attaining brand recognition.

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We strongly believe in research and we recommend to our clients to include it in their PR programs. We provide quantitative and qualitative research with the purpose to find out how the public views the organization's image and organizational actions, which will help us plan the right communication program aiming to build strong relationships with the public. We also conduct evaluative research to measure the effectiveness of communication programs and to determine what contribution the public relations function makes to organizational success.

professional writing services

One of the keys to a great image is effective communication through writing. At christian alexander we produce professional, concise creative texts in both Greek & English language. We produce, edit, proofread or re-write your documents to make sure that you create the best impression.

  • Interviews
  • Speeches
  • Newsletters
  • Editorials/Advertorials
  • Corporate Profiles
  • In house publications
  • Press Kits/Press Releases
  • Letters
  • Annual reports
  • Manuals
  • Proposals
  • Web content

exclusive gift creation